Friday, November 28, 2014

"I need it"

Hi There Friends,

How are we all? I'm well..... and as with most blog updates, little miss is deep at rest, enjoying a nice sleep after a big morning out and about. So I thought I'd make a start on this.... yet another blog update. Here goes:

Height: 87cm
Weight: 12.8kg
Size: 2
Shoe Size: 6.5

Not much to report on the food and drink front. Its all pretty standard now. She'll have brekkie. lunch and dinner with us. Her plate is a mini version of ours with obvious differences like less salt, no rare meat or anything too spicy. A big change in the last months appetite has been the love of Tic Tacs. She is MAD for them. They serve as a good bribe but aren't part of the daily diet. I am thinking next month this will drop completely out of the update......

Chloe has started stringing multiple word sentences together. Her most hilariously recent being "I need it". Whilst digging in the freezer on a particularly hot day for frozen peas at dinner time, I told her to move away that she didn't need it. To which she replied, "no mummy, I neeeeeeeeed it" This has also made shopping an interesting activity. Her other fave sentence at the moment is: "My do it" which we correct to "I will do it", which she will parrot. But Chloe has developed quite an independent streak; wanting to go down the stairs on her own, get out and into the car seat without help, even buckle herself in. Sometimes (when we have the time!) its easy to accommodate this. But other days it can be quite a strain watching her fiddle with her buckle whilst you stare at the minutes passing making you later and later for work. I try to concentrate on the fact that for each minute she spends learning, its one step closer to her doing it herself. Just think, Bec, how quickly it will be to get organised in the morning when she can tie her shoes.... just let her pull the laces for a minute, its important. *breathe in* *breathe out* and remember she gives GREAT hugs and loves us deeply!

We're also highlighly suspicious she can read certain words and our trick of spelling out certain buzz phrases like 'P.A.R.K' are quickly being figured out. Just today I was sitting with her playing with her CHLOE name puzzle with the pieces scattered and asked her to find me the C. Bam! What about the O? Bam! The E? Bam... the L? picked up the H. Yatzee! But I thought, you know what they couldn't have been all guesses. I've also recently heard her count to 18, and whilst she will run through the first counting sequence correctly, once she reaches the end, will restart at 6. Which is also her age at the moment. If you ask her! hehe.
Lessons are going GANG BUSTERS. Its like all of a sudden she has all this confidence and belief in herself she can swim. She's jumping off the edge without hesitation, head diving into the water and doggy paddling a few strokes to reach me in the pool. With the warmer weather too, we have been spending a lot more time in the water which may attribute to it. She also has started to be more comfortable in her goggles (yipeeeeee) and I've learnt to tie her hair up as tight as possible to save it from blinding her when she goes under. All this has seen her become so confident that she will even whilst holding your hands or the edge just drop herself under and hold herself under the water til she needs to come up. She just LOVES being in the water, and we love being in it with her!

Chloe's love of jumping has continued, actually its grown exponentially! Almost religiously she will ask us to hold her hands so she can jump down the stairs out of our unit. She spends at least some portion of her day trying to jump so in order to get her off the furniture we have bought a trampoline for Christmas.... but its coming from Santa, so shhhhhh. Don't tell her ;-)
Chloe this week has decided she doesn't need a nappy for her night sleep. Oh dear! Just the other night when we were dressing her in her PJs, she threw the pull up away and said "No, knickers!". We tried to persuade her but there was no budging! So on went the knickers and sneakily I slipped the pull up over the top whilst she was engrossed in playschool. Success, well until her pre bedtime wee, when she saw the pull up. "Mummy, no nappy please?".... how can you say no to that? So off it came, and since then we've had three no nappy nights and one with and one accident. We're letting her take the lead on what she's wearing each night.  We lay out the nappy and if she objects, that's good enough for us. So for the next week, we'll keep going as is, and if more and more nights are no nappy, bye bye nappy.
We suspect Chloe may be creeping closer to dropping her day sleep. Whilst she can survive without it, it gets a bit hairy around 5-6pm that night. But if she has any sort of sleep (1-3hours) during the day, bedtime isn't happening til at least 8pm! Some nights 9pm! So its a bit of a catch 22, damned if we do, damned if we don't. At the moment we're putting her down for her day sleep around 1230-1pm, and letting her sleep as long as she wants, just not past 330pm. And then having a much more relaxed bedtime.
Chloe also seems to have monsters living with her and has taken to sleeping with the light on and likes the door open. Ever since she was a newborn we've had her room pitch black for sleeps with no sound. Now this. Its a bit baffling. With the light on it does take a little longer for her to go to sleep and she often asks if we will sit with her for a bit. Which we had been doing because she seemed quite distraught by the 'monsters'. But slowly slowly we have been moving closer to the door and now sit just in sight for about 10-15 minutes and shes out. So as always, sleep continues to be our battle......  
Chloe's loves this month include pulling funny faces, feeding the ducks in Evatt park, painting... Her hates are pretty standard toddler ones like sharing something that's hers and she's currently playing with, or just started stopped playing with, or may want to play with soon ;-)

Moving House
Oh goodness. So we move house next weekend. Cue Panic Stations! I have all this week to pack the unit and Jarratt's taking responsibility for the garage. Divide and Conquer. I have a day off from work to move and will take that Tuesday. I have also asked day care for an extra day Thursday (we missed a bunch whilst in Japan that we are owed) so am hopeful that will take a large chunk of it and then I can pack the rest whilst Chloe sleeps. Because packing with a toddler is no fun for anyone!

But in a week, we'll be spending our last night in the unit. Its sad and thrilling at the same time. Thankfully part of the stress has been alleviated as we have found a tenant for the unit. They move in on the 18th so we have almost two weeks to come back and fix things up.

I have to pinch myself that we are now dual property owners!

Trip to Surfers
Earlier this month we were gifted a 5 night stay at the Outrigger in Surfers Paradise by Uncle John. It was such a wonderful trip. It was the first holiday we've had where we didn't have a list of what we wanted to see or do. The goal of the trip was to relax, and we did just that. Our days consisted of getting up, having brekkie, hitting the beach, then the pool before a nap (for Chloe, but often us as well) then hitting the town for drinks and dinner! Bliss! We also were fortunate enough to have Caryn, A and the boys drive down and visit us for the night. It was so night to hang out and the kids had a blast playing together. Made me sad knowing it would be a while before we'd be able to afford a holiday like that again.

Peppa Pig
Last Saturday we took Chloe to see Peppa Pig live. She loves Peppa and George. I was impressed with how well behaved she was in the theatre and how she followed along with the movements to the songs. I'll definitely be looking for more performances like this to take her too.

We had braced ourselves for no Santa Photo this year, since last year we hadn't been able to get Chloe anywhere near him. And I've seen SO many screaming child photos of kids around her age with Santa. So when I took her to Roselands last Thursday I wasn't hopeful. We spent 5 minutes waiting our turn whilst another little boy and his mum had their photo. Chloe was happy watching and waving at him from behind the line. When it was our turn (thankfully no one was waiting) we took our time bridging the gap between the line and Santa's stage.  I managed to get her right at the step before she darted back to the line and said 'I watch' I thought.... ok that's it, not gonna happen. Then I remember I'd come prepared, I pulled from my bag a bribe, a stamp specifically. I told her 'sit here sweetheart, show santa your stamp' and BAM, she was there. I then stood by the camera and behaved in a way that would have embarrassed Jarratt. Below is the reward. Totally worth it!

Modelling / Brand Rep
Again, nothing has come of our contract with Bambini this month, but Chloe continues to be an Instagram sensation! Since last month and our  brand rep contract with Bella Style and Designs, two more labels have contacted us. Generally you have to enter competition type searches to be selected as a brand rep, we have been seeked out by both labels. Its very flattering. The first is Fox and Cradle - another label specialising in head bands. The other is a clothing label called Tumble N Dry, which is stocked in Myer. Both have sent us packages of stuff that Chloe wears and I photograph - below are some examples. I think its a great deal, Jarratt isn't as impressed.

And so ends another month, I cant believe Christmas is nearly upon us and that next time I write to you all will be from our humble new digs. Exciting times ahead. I hope you all get (as Chloe would say) what you NEED this Christmas xxx

Friday, October 31, 2014

Where's daddys truck?

Hi there friends, how are we?

How is it that another month has already been and gone, sheesh! Time really is flying on by isn't it? Now, are you sitting down? Brace yourself Christmas is less than TWO MONTHS AWAY! Cue freak out! Time is running by and there is just no slowing it down. That's why I like (and hate) doing these entries, because it gives me time to stop, reflect and in some cases rethink (or panic) about things in my life. But also celebrate the achievements. So lets not dilly dally around... lets get into it. Here goes...

STATS (as of 31/10/2014)
Height: 87cm
Weight: 12.8kgs
Size: 2
Shoe Size: 6-6.5


Her love of cinos has continued to thrive and become a little bit of an afternoon ritual of sorts. Where on days off she and I will sit after she wakes from her nap and have a cino and coffee, respectively.

Chloe's diet is pretty much on par with us now. She eats what we eat and we eat with her (530-6pm) and that works for us. She has started this neat trick of wanting to sit on our laps while we all eat together. Sometimes depending on the meal, she can. But if we need both hands she needs to wait til we're finished. Its created a cute little gimmick, where she leans in to us and says "all done?" her way of asking if she can now sit on our lap. Hehe. She will still eat brekkie and lunch at her table, and normally in front of the tv (bad parents!) but dinner is always altogether at the table.

Her diet is pretty balanced and we make an effort to ensure she's eating enough of everything. Sweets are limited to rewards for being good but are not over the top, or frequent. She was receiving chocolate for doing number 2's on the toilet during training and every now and then post poo, she'll ask for one and we will give it to her. But other than that sweets are given at our discretion.

We also made daddy a cake recently for his morning tea and Chloe took the title of beater licker in this house. Daddy was devastated. She wasn't to bothered about it all though and it made for some pretty adorable pics of her all chocolate smeared as you can see.

The repertoire of songs has expanded since I last posted, she continues to favour Happy Birthday for us (especially when we light a candle for a cupcake). But will also sing "twinkle twinkle" and most known nursery rhymes.

Chloes communication is also growing each day and her vocab is pretty impressive for a toddler. We encourage her to 'use her words' and will often say 'sweetheart, I don't understand' and sure enough she will repeat clearly what she wants or attack the sentence a different way. She still tricks over some sounds, the real kicker being Tr as in Tr-ee, she will say "F-ee", which makes for an interesting conversation when she's asking where daddy's *uck is? But in general its great to have her speak so well, taking the guess work a lot out and making the situation less frustrating for everyone.... instead of crying we now get like "Mummy, Chloe hungry, Chloe want fruit" SOOOOO much easier!

She also has improved in her counting and can now count to 14 (but not consistently, to 10 is very consistent). She 'reads' most of her single word board books and enjoys taking turns 'reading' with daddy.

Chloe is a fantastic swimmer, her confidence and ability in the water is impressive. Just last lessons she was 'diving' into the water. Whilst most children in her class were jumping, she was putting her hands out and going head first, which I thought was amazing. She still shows some reluctance on the platform activities where I need to hand her over to the teacher. I think its due to the lack of trust she has for the new teacher, but we'll get there. I took her to the beach this morning and she 'swam' in the shallow water, I was so proud to see her apply this learning to a new situation. As a teacher I know that shows real intelligence, and I couldn't be happier.

Her love of jumping is driving me a little bit bonkers. Whilst she just loves it, I find it the most boring 'game' we play. I think given our more exciting news (which I'll mention in a bit) the purchase of a trampoline may be in order. hehe

Recently Chloe developed a preference for sleeping on the couch (hers or the big one) for her day sleep. We'd tell her it was bed time and she's ask "Here, here" and point to the couch, if it wasn't going to affect us we'd let her and then just transfer her once she was asleep. After about a week or so, she stopped asking..... it was very strange. We have no idea why she started asking?

We've also started dressing her overnight in her new summer PJs and kept her winter bedding. Which seems to be working. I always write this stuff in the blog because I know when bubba wyatt the sequel comes about I wont remember what I dressed her in when, it serves as a good method of recording. hehe.

This month the loves are pretty standard toddler facts. She loves the beach, being a ballerina, painting (well sticking her hands in paint and getting messy) and spending time with her friends. And hates .... um, I cant actually think of any. This month has been pretty easy going with her cooperating with hair washing, hair styling and going out!

Bought a house
In more exciting news we bought a house!!!! After 3-4 months of searching we bought one!!! Whoop whoop! We are so thrilled about it. A four bedroom, 2 bathroom, brick home on 580 square metres in Peakhurst at the end of a cul de sac with a lock up garage and under house storage. We cant believe our luck. The house requires a overhaul with modernising, but unfortunately winning the house at auction saw us spend our entire renovating budget so we will be living in it for a few years before we'll be able to afford to renovate. But the house is lovely, old but well maintained. Just like the unit when we first bought it. So 35 days til we settle and we are counting them down!

Toilet Training
Chloe is a superstar with the toilet training. When we are out she will tell us she needs to go and will 'hold' it until we find a toilet. We still have the occasional accident, maybe once or twice a week, but I consider that a major achievement for our little lady. So I'm giving her a big hug when she wakes up just to remind her how fantastic she is. hehe.

Chloe hasn't booked any work through Bambini this past month but has secured brand rep for two Australian companies who specialise in head wraps. So for the next 3-6 months we'll be sent a variety of head wraps to style and photograph on Chloe which will be used for promotional material online. Its pretty exciting. We received our first package the other day and have already taken some photos in them.

First trip to the Dentist
We took Chloe to the dentist for the first time this month, and she past with flying colours. We learnt that our teeth brushing routine is a good one and got some good advice to ensure she develops good dental practices. Whilst there she was very happy to open her mouth and even 'played dentist' on daddy, which was beyond cute!

Meeting Zoe Ann
This month we also got to meet Zoe Ann, Andrew and Lin's little girl who was so keen to come into this world she arrived almost 1 month earlier than necessary. Whilst we visited her in hospital, it wasn't til this week that we were able to see her and have a hold at her home. Chloe was absolutely smitten and talked about Zoe the whole (1 and a half hour!!!) drive home.

And so ends another month in the life and times of team Wyatt. I hope you've enjoyed your stay. We'll see you again in a few weeks.

All our love, Team Wyatt xxx

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Everybody! Come!

Why hello there, how are you? We're well....  digging this beautiful weather we've been having and even more so that its school holidays! Whoop whoop! That's right, its that time of the year again where I actually get some child free, work free, duty free, time off!!!! Cue happy dance. No, that's not nice is it? Its not that I WANT to be child free. Work free? Definitely! But time away from Chloe is painful, I feel guilty dropping her at day care when I know I'm just going to sit at home and creep onto the balcony to see what she's doing. But it gives me a chance to catch up on stuff that I cant do with her around, like write this.... So its a catch 22 you see.... I both love the time off, but feel guilty about it all in one. Ahhh, what a conundrum, bloody mummy guilt, gets you every time. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Ok, lets shake it off..... and get on with it.

STATS (as of the 15/9)
Height: 86.5cm
Weight: 12.2kg
Size: 1-2
Shoe: 5-6


Chloe now never sits at her table for dinner, she just sits (or stands) on one of our dining room chairs and has dinner next to us. Her breakfast and lunch occur at her table as we tend to eat those meals ourselves seated on the couch. She eats everything we do, with slight variations in the meat department, as she seems to have issues chewing and swallowing tougher pieces of meat. She LOVES anything pasta based, as well as Mexican meals and chicken skewers. There's no issues around vegetables and she'll devour corn on the cob and be eyeing yours off if you haven't 'fi-ished' before she has. Its the quick and the dead around here when she's hungry. She always devours her meals of a night time and we believe that's as we keep snacking to a minimum of an afternoon. Normally limiting it to a cino, which she loves! After her party we had some sprinkles left over from the fairy bread, one day I sprinkled them on top of her cino and since then its IMPOSSIBLE to deliver one without sprinkles. hehehe. But its a nice little activity of an afternoon, mummy has her 'offee (as she calls it) and bubbi her cino. Then off we will shoot for the afternoon activity. Its wonderful.

Goodness gracious, Chloe is a chatterbox! Her vocab and conversational skills are off the chart. But no shock there right? She loves to engage us, her friends, everyone in discussions about this or that. We've encouraged her to retell her day after day care or to daddy/mummy on the days that they haven't spent time with her. She's very good at one word responses and in some cases stringing words together to retell an event. Just yesterday I took her to playschool and over dinner asked her to tell daddy what she'd done today... her reply 'Playschool, Tao, go, where Tao go? Abby, go, bye bye'  Which was great! 
She's also developed some pretty neat vocab like 'wait', 'one more' and 'everybody, come!' Its deliciously cute! She's also developed a love of singing and will sing "happy birthday" over and over again. Hilarious, she sings it most often to herself, or Nee (Renee). 
As far as academics go, she can now count to 8, without help. Recognises all her colours, with black being her favourite, and most shapes. She is also able to recognise her and her friends names at day care. Its all very impressive.

Chloe's confidence is OUT OF SIGHT in the water. She can now swim a few strokes to the wall and get out completely independently. Which going into summer makes me feel so much better about her water safety. She is fantastic in the lessons participating in every activity without argument, but is showing a reluctance to put her eyes in the water, but will do it. I thought it may have been a result of her hair getting longer and it running water into her eyes. So in an effort to correct it, I tied her hair back (squeeeeee! Yes! its long enough to tie now!!!!) But unfortunately that made no difference. I also trialled a pair of goggles last week during the lesson, they stayed on for about 2 minutes and were promptly ripped from her face. hahaha. So we continue to have issues there. Her favourite activity is DEFINITELY 'crocodile, crocodile' - often having us participate in this at home with her falling off the bed, the couch, the toybox, as opposed to the pool wall. It does drive us a little nuts how often we play that. hahaha. She's also developed really great water confidence, and will happily wade out into the deeper part of the pool without me. She's so very brave!
We haven't been to the park as much as we'd like lately, since Chloe is showing a preference of staying in. But when we do go she is very confident on all the equipment. She just loves to do 'big swings' on the swings and go down the slide on her own 'no mummy, bubbi do it'. She'll often play on the seesaw and sing the 'seesaw' song or play shopkeepers where she'll ask us what we'd like, turn to get it for us, then cheekily eat it herself. She thinks she's hysterical when she does that.
Chloe still seems to LOVE to dance, so much so I think I need to look into a new class for her. I am NOT going back to where we were with Ballet. Maybe next year? But she loves to 'spin' and do 'ballerina' where she will hold your hands, stand on one foot and point the other behind her. Its so sweet. She also loves to 'dance' to the wiggles and any other music, her dancing is more of a 'sway' with the occasional spin and bounce. If the music is more upbeat she may run around and squeal too.
Jumping has continued to be a bit of a challenge and love of little miss this past month. Despite the lack of ability she has to get off the ground independently, she knows she can do it when she holds your hands, or even better is on the bed. Eeeeeeck! We've made the decision that jumping on her own bed is not allowed, but ours is ok. The idea is that she wont get up and jump on her bed that way, when she's suppose to be asleep.

So we have continued the no pull up for day sleeps at home and day care, and Chloe is accident free now at both for as long as I can remember. So YAY! She's also been waking in the morning with a dry pull up and taking herself to the toilet maybe an hour or so after waking. But does consistently ask to go to the toilet just before bedtime.... sometimes (hilariously) as a way of prolonging bedtime, but we're happy to oblige since its one step closer to doing away with nappies altogether! So when the weather gets warmer (maybe next school holidays) we're going to get rid of the pull up overnight too.... as long as this waking dry thing continues! She's such an overachiever!
We have dropped the tights for bedtime, in exchange for socks, just seemed easier, but she's been pulling those off (or they're coming off?!) most nights. Most nights she stays under the covers, but sometimes we need to pop back in overnight because she's cold and has called out to us. A quick pull of the blankie over her normally sends her straight back to sleep when that happens, but night wakings very rarely happen now. Thank goodness.
She has had a lot of naps in the car this month on the way too or from somewhere and generally transfers well. Sleep seems to be less vital now, whilst she falls asleep in our arms at 6-630 if she skips her nap, she can survive without it and isn't loosing her marbles if she does of an afternoon/evening. Same if we are going out of an evening, we just extend her sleep, or put her down later for her day nap and then she's golden til around 830.
Last month we had the issue of Chloe wanting us to sit and pat her to sleep. We quickly had enough of that and cut it out cold turkey, we were met with a few nights of her cracking it about not sitting with her. But after a few nights she gave up. We found that following daycare she always seemed to ask, so we asked them if they patted her to sleep. They were adamant they didn't need to, that she was one of the 'good ones'. But said some children were patted off to sleep. So with that information, we just figured she had seen others getting patted and was testing the boundaries. Now, with that corrected, she has started insisting that she take herself to bed on her own now. She'll hold her hand up at us and say 'no, bubbi do' and toddle off down the hall. We follow a few minutes after and there she is in bed, when she sees us she'll giggle. We'll give her a kiss, tell her she's so clever and such a good girl, say good night and move to the door. Here's hoping this little practice continues. Fingers crossed.
Chloes loves this month are pretty standard for a 2 year old. With all the parties lately, she LOVES birthday parties, cake and chocolate - with all the overindulgence that's been had at the numerous celebrations. She also loves those coin operated cars you see in shops making it VERY hard and expensive - when we try to walk past one without a turn.
She also loves to pull various faces, with her most hilarious being her 'sad face'.
She continues to have her favourite people, which this month are Nee, Lei and Opa. She'll often ask to 'see lei?', want to sing happy birthday for Nee and tell everyone she's going to Opa's house. Its very sweet.
The last love this month is going to the beach, with the warmer weather creeping up, I am very much looking forward to taking her to the beach at any and every opportunity! 

Her hates this month, are having her hair done (despite bribes of chocolate, bad mummy!), getting dressed and going out. Hilariously, Chloe much prefers to stay home, despite the fun activities on offer. As you can see in the video below. Thankfully hair washing and brushing is no longer an issue. YAY!


Toilet training
Toilet training is officially ka-put! Donezo! Chloe is trained. We haven't had accidents out in SO VERY LONG! Yipppeeeeeee! We have had the occasional accident at home, bizarrely?! Often when we're playing.... but they are rare. Day care will also have the occasional accident, but again one at most in a week. And generally the accident is a dribble, no number 2s and not soaked through. So go Chloe! She is the envy of many parents as she is still considered 'young' to be trained. But now when I look back and take into consideration the few accidents she will have, I'm SOOOO glad to have done it whilst she is 'young'.
Fathers Day
This month we celebrated Fathers Day, but unfortunately it also fell on Chloe friends birthday and at the end of a pretty horrific 48 hour bug I caught. So we didn't really get a chance to celebrate in style for daddy dearest. Instead we had a simple morning of yummy brekkie at home and gifts of undies and coat hangers for Jarratt. But being the practical parent he is, he loved it! And I mean, it was slightly better than say, an orchid. hehehe. We spent the afternoon (post party) at Carss Park playing and drinking coffee, so whilst it was a modest celebration, it was perfect.
This month, Chloe and besties Ellie and Ayla (along with Zo-zo) headed to sharkies for the Playschool concert. Just like last year we got there nice and early and got ripper front row seats! Chloe and the girls were perfect, staying behind the white line as directed and dancing to the performance of Tao and Abby Tucker. The concert included some of Chloe's favourite songs like 'twinkle twinkle', 'row row, row your boat' and 'polly put the kettle on', she stood for most of the first part, swaying and doing the movements to the songs. She was so cute! Afterwards we even got to meet Tao (squeal!) and she was rewarded for her fantastic behaviour with a Jemima Ballerina (for 26 bucks! YIKES) despite mummy trying to entice her to pick the ($2) placemat!
Chloe reshot her head shots for Bambini this month and was an absolute professional. Posing this way and that, and completing outfit changes no worries - given our current hate of getting dressed, I was cheerin! She hasn't booked any work in MONTHS and whilst it is disheartening, given the nature of the business, it is to be expected. We're hopeful she'll get some work with Christmas coming up, but it really is luck more than skill (which she has buckets of as you can see below) in whether or not you get a photo shoot. So keep your fingers crossed for us.

Well, that's it, all done and dusted for another month. Now to relax with a coffee and a bit of crappy tv. hehehe.
Til next time.
Lots of love, Bec