Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Wow, where does the time go? Less than 10 weeks til we can introduce you all to little bubba wyatt and I can't wait!!!! Since I last posted, not alot has changed life wise - however my belly has well and truly popped, but more on that in a bit...

Firstly, school continues to keep me on my toes, I've got 8 more get ups until the holidays, which I'm desperately hanging out for. Not just because I'm preggers, but because it has been such a busy 8 weeks. My debating team won their second debate and are due to compete in the third round this week. NAPLAN was a stressful week for the kids, parents and teachers alike but my Prac student teacher turned out to be a bit of a god sent and I spent most of her final days kicking back and relaxing. I have completed all my reports and have parent teacher interviews next week along with two planning days to organise stuff for next term. I've also met my replacement for when I take leave, his name is Ben and seems like a really sweet guy, very new to teaching, but I know the Stage 3 boys will appreciate having a bloke on staff. In regards to my Maternity leave, I plan on working into next term a little bit, everyone I speak to who has had a baby thinks I'm nuts! As it is I've said I'll work until Week 4 of Term 3, which puts me at 38 weeks. Eeck! But, we'll see how I go.

At home, the renos have pretty much finished up, the kitchen now just needs the final lick of paint over the cornice and the baby's room is pretty much done, we are tossing up some shelves or storage, but its not desperate. A few Saturdays ago J and I put up a border print around the walls of the nursery and it nearly ended our relationship, haha. It was a very stressful experience, but I think you'll agree it looks great! I know its a little impractical, but I don't care. In other news the washing machine we've had as long as we've been together finally died, and on a very chaotic Sunday we bought a new one and a laptop, which I'm writing to you on now. But we managed to sell Zeke, 2 days after advertising it online for 6000, so there is a little cashola in the bank to splurge with!

In pregger news, my tummy has started to expand, but I still am not huge, considering I only have 9ish weeks left. But nonetheless I have needed to invest in a new pair of jeans. I've also suddenly been penalised for all my cruisy months of being pregnant, by getting every niggling ailment you can think of. I've experienced heartburn,  I'm running to the toilet pretty regularly now, I've started to waddle, my balance is starting to feel the effects of my belly and I find picking things up off the floor is quite difficult now, I've got a bit of swelling in my fingers which means I have resorted to not wearing my wedding or engagement rings, sleeping through nights is no longer possible and I've become the laziest lady ever! Jarratt's been an absolute prince! I really don't know how people do this on their own. I mean, despite working 6 days a week at the moment (5 for switch, 1 for himself) he is still cooking EVERY night, keeping the house tidy (I do some chores, but its minimal), basically keeping me comfortable and telling me I'm beautiful despite how unattractive I feel! Also, I have yet to vomit, yay!!!!

Oh... actually I lie. I recently went to Port Stephens with Mum, Rob and J to do a Whale watching cruise over the long weekend and normally I'm fine on boats and never get sea sick but about 2 hours into the cruise I began to feel quite queasy! I decided to follow the captains advice and move from the top outdoor deck to the inside middle deck and as soon as I opened the door to enter the cabin - a smell of sick washed over me and that was it, I took off to the bathroom and ... well, you know. I then decided I was better off being queasy on the top deck than sitting inside with that smell! The cruise was great though we saw about 7 whales from a distance, but I don't know if Bubba Wyatt is going to have the same sea legs as its mum and dad. oh well....

But in all other things Bubba Wyatt, he/she is kicking along,I'm sure the little thing is going to be a soccer player or something! Its incredibly active!!! Now when it starts kicking and flapping around my stomach actually changes shape - sometimes like a tent or an elbow sticking out. Nothing clearly defined yet, like a foot or anything, but I'm hopeful hahaha. Its like something out of alien, like my stomach is about to burst open, its kinda freaky really! I've also had a lot more people throwing their two cents into the debate of boy vs girl. So far most opinions and even some of the old wives tales point to boy. My wedding ring rocking back and forth over my stomach on a chain, the way I'm carrying, all that stuff. Its fun to listen to the craziness, but at the end of the day - that's all it is, craziness! I honestly don't care either way.... I know that's cliched, but I can see pros and cons for both. I just cant wait til its here and I can hold it and share it with all of you! :)

We've got a midwife appointment tomorrow, but at the last appointment we were in and out in about 15minutes. With a quick check of a heartbeat and a push and prod we were given two thumbs up and sent on our way with more paperwork for more blood tests! This time it was another round of check up ones and a new one called the glucose test. Basically to check if I have diabetes. It was the worst one I've ever done! I had to drink 50ml of like syrup, wait an hour then have more blood taken. And they do take a bit, let me tell you! Made me feel quite light headed and dizzy. So we get those results tomorrow - fingers crossed all goes well.

Well I think that's it!
Hope everything is well in your world.