Monday, April 22, 2013

Where did the time go?

And here we are again... Another month and a bit down and I look back, shake my head and think 'where did the time go?' once more! It has been a busy few weeks since I last wrote, just looking at the calendar earlier today I struggled to find a day where we just sat at home and did nothing.... I counted 3, 3! In almost 2 months! That's bananas! But, if I'm honest, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Ok, let me look over my iPhone notes and let's get this update ball rolling....

Chloe has continued to be a little superstar eater, munching away morning, noon and night. She has also developed clear preferences for what she likes and does not like and isn't afraid to make it clear when its the latter. She is, after all, my daughter. hehe. She has now, in addition to the previous foods mentioned, tried broccoli, peach, mango, banana, avocado, yoghurt (plain and strawberry), asparagus and her new favs cauliflower and chicken with carrots. That's right Little Miss is no longer a vegetarian! Although she had some pretty serious objections to avocado, as you can clearly see in the video. Too funny! But other than 'pushing' herself away from unfavourable foods she doesn't kick up too much of a stink.

Give it to me! I can do it!
She has also shown a real eagerness in 'doing it herself', often reaching for the spoon and putting it in her mouth. She is developing great hand eye coordination, but still doesn't have the dexterity to 'feed' herself. Nevertheless, this hasn't stopped her munching away on a rusk or piece of cut apple every now and then.

She's also, after months of fighting the bottle, skipped the 'Sippy cup' stage and is now drinking from a cup!!! Whilst she occasionally has a spill out the side of her mouth, be it accidental or on purpose, she is getting better each day and like grabbing at the spoon is so keen to do it herself she often lunges at the cup when she sees it.

Meanwhile breastfeeding had become super doper fast! She is now feeding less than 5 minutes both sides and turns her head away when done. Although night feedings take longer, sometimes 10 minutes both sides, as I think as she is tired. But it is now actually a fulfilling experience, after months of hard word, we are a very efficient team and I find it quite enjoyable. Its funny though that its taken me this long to 'enjoy' it, and before long we'll begin weening her off... ahhh well.


At about 7 months Chloe said her first word!!!! She had been babbling pretty closely to dadada but then on the 5th of April, clear as day, she just kept repeating over and over again 'dad dad dad'. We are so proud!!

She also has developed a funny face when she's trying to tell you she no longer wants to do a particular activity, be it eating, wiping her face, playing a certain game basically she scrunches up her nose and snorts. Its pretty cute! We love that her 'signals' are now a lot clearer. And despite ALL our positive reinforcement... the squealing has continued. haha

Kisses for Mummy.
She is also communicating by way of love now, by reaching out and gently stroking our faces or grabbing our face and open mouth kissing us. And this is not limited to us either, with Chloe now taking a real (although vain) shine to the 'beautiful baby in the mirror'. After her excited squeals of seeing herself in the mirror from the last time I wrote, it has slowly developed into a real love affair with our mirror needing to be wiped down after each visit. It is too cute though and definitely worth the occasional spray and wipe.

Also as she becomes more and more alert and aware of her surroundings, pair this with her clearer communication skills, she now points or looks directly at/for an object that she wants. This has made for some very fun games such as where's mummy? She is very clever our Chloe, reaching for objects or looking in the direction that they have disappeared to. Sometimes she is so determined to reach an object she almost doubles over on herself, whilst sitting, and reaches outstretched so far that we think for sure she is going to fall over. We definitely have one determined little lady!!!


Shortly after the last post, Chloe began sitting unsupported. She now prefers to be seated upright, often arching her back when on the floor to indicate she'd like to be sat upright. Her posture is incredible with many people commenting on how she'll be a ballerina. She also very quickly figured out she could put out a hand to balance herself if necessary to prevent a fall, which is great as I can now sit at a greater distance then in the 'TIMBER" catching position. Hehehe.

She still loves to stand with the help of Mummy and Daddy (or the TV cabinet) and is getting much stronger needing less and less help in staying upright and just using us for balance. She still shows no interest in crawling and when put on her tummy will very quickly roll over or cry. She has begun rocking as if she will scoot around on her bottom, but we suspect she may just skip the crawling stage (like the Sippy cup) and get straight up and walk around.


Story time!
I was a little reluctant to fill this update section in, as I surely jinxed myself with the last update about how wonderful a sleeper Chloe was. And whilst she continues to go down during the day more often than not without a protest and has slowly come around to falling asleep in the pram sans cry, although still for no longer than 40 minutes, she has started an annoying phase of night waking's! And despite the various trial and error approaches we've taken to the night time sleeping thing, we just cant seem to get her back to sleeping through. I think (after 2-3 weeks though) I've just accepted that this is what she is going to do for a while and take comfort in the fact that she'll only wake once, maybe twice a night and at least its not every hour like some bubs!
She is however, showing a strong preference for Mummy to put her to bed and whilst we try Daddy taking her (when he's home), we have not been overly successful yet. So for the time being, we are going to stick to what works and keeps us all sane.

And while daddy may be missing out on the putting Chloe to bed business, he most certainly has the best job all day! The bedtime story! Our bedtime routine now incorporates a book after the feed, that's right, little miss is no longer fed to sleep, and she just about jumps out of her skin when she sees the book. She is THAT keen for her story that Jarratt has to hide the book until we are sure she is finished the feed. It is truly a beautiful daddy-daughter moment each day that they share. My heart is flooded with love each night watching them together. Its just so magical!

Little Miss is now about 6 or 7 lessons into the swimming thing and boy is she loving it! Now as we enter the pool she starts kicking her legs about and squeals with excitement. She also, as of lesson 2, started going under water, making us so proud. She is so cute, when she hears the underwater cues she dives her head, closes her eyes in a squint and pouts her mouth like she's eaten something sour. I wish I could get a photo of it!  

Recently, we had a make up lesson (as she missed one due to a cold) with a different teacher and the teacher was so impressed with her that she felt Chloe could be put under the water alone and allowed to float to me at the surface. Whilst I was a little reluctant, I agreed, and like most tasks that I think are far too difficult she once again surprised me and proved me wrong. She was dived under the water by the teacher and sure enough floated up into my waiting arms.


We finally have a tooth! After months of suspecting odd behaviour as teething, on the 25th of March, whilst happily playing in the backyard as a family, Chloe was opening her mouth wide and giggling, Jarratt peered inside and proclaimed 'There's a tooth!' And sure enough within a few days, the bruising gum subsided and out popped a little white peak. And whilst we still have just the one, we can see more floating just below the surface, I'm sure the next update will have more teeth to report on!


Chloe has continued to be a social butterfly. Heading out and about to our regular play dates but also regular trips to the park where she has developed a fondness for the swings and slippery dip. At first she was a little unsure of both but now when placed in the swing will kick her feet in an attempt to gain momentum and rocking her self at the top of the slippery dip to get herself going!

And... Chloe now travels to her outings, in her forward facing car seat!!! She seems much happier now that she can see Mum and Dad in the car and while I was a little worried that now she could see us she wouldn't fall asleep in the car... I was VERY wrong!

She has also attended many functions such as Auntie Lin's Hens as well as her wedding, mummy's birthday, uncle John's 70th, her first saints game (!) and more importantly the first of her very own big days... her Christening! On the 14th of April at 12:15, little miss was christened at St. Declan's Church in Penshurst. Followed by a reception at Penshurst RSL, much to the disgust of many 'good' Catholics. She looked stunning in my altered wedding dress and was so good during the whole ceremony despite being due a feed and a sleep. She was only a little upset by being laid back to have the water tipped over her head, as she is not a big fan of the 'laying like a baby' position, now that she's a big girl and can sit up! We felt so blessed to have so many friends and family share in her special day and were floored by how loved our little lady is!

All aboard Uncle John's cruise to celebrate his 70th on Sydney Harbour!
Our little dragon at her first Saints Game!
Chloe at her Christening, with her wonderful godparents Laura and Daniel. (14.4.2013)
And so ends another update, I hope you enjoyed it! Til next time, All our love, The Wyatts.