Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bec and J tie the knot

So I'm taking inspiration from my brave and wonderful friend Bec and I'm revisiting the ye ol' blog. I had intended to post once a month for those avid readers who remember way back in feb, but since the whole being proposed to that kinda went out the window. But I do love looking back over these old memories and no matter how few and far between they are I feel its never too late to pick up where we left off....

So without further adue.... here goes.

2011 turned out to be a mammoth year, after Jarratt and I's trip to India it was all stations to weddingville! It became quite a mountain to climb and although I tried my best not to become bogged down by it all, the planning took some time. I think that was mainly because I didnt want to put the nuptials off any longer then necessary. And naively set the date for 9 months away. So after numerous phone calls, emails and web searches, we settled on the beautiful chapel at the Westin Resort, Fiji. It was fantastic! It was a great compromise of what we both wanted, Jarratt wanting a traditional style church and me wanting the beauty of the outdoors. We then informed our nearest and dearest and hey presto! We were off and running.

Since we were not having a huge celebration for our wedding, we decided to have a rather larger style engagement party! So in May, we travelled to St George leagues club for a lavish affair of finger food, lots of grog and photobooth madness! It was a great night and one that will not be forgotten!

Before we knew it June, July, August had flown by and the wedding was fast approaching. Weekends were spent consulting the to do lists, being hassled by material shop ladies in cabramatta, reminding dress makers of appointments, buying and making stuff and emailing back and forth to the wedding coordinator in Fiji. Despite what we'd been told, everything went off without a hitch then on the 28th of September, J and I boarded our plane, took our first class seats and flew the blissful 4 and a bit hours to Nadi, Fiji.

The following week was spent greeting guests, organising the formalities and having far too many cocktails that led to chime time! Before we knew it, it was the wedding day: Tuesday the 4th of October, 2011. The day we'd spent months planning for was finally here! The ceremony took place at the Paradise Chapel at 3:30pm, the whole experience flew by. We had a beautiful full mass service, complete with a fijian choir and the sweetest priest! We left the church blissfully happy, knowing that we had the rest of our lives together, commited as husband and wife. The following hour was spent with the bridal party taking some of the most ridiculous photos, ever! As well as Jarratt and I completing a rotation of photos where the photographer's mantra was: look at the water, look at me, look at each other, kiss, look at the water, look at me, look at each other, kiss .... repeat!!! By 6pm, to quote pink, we were ready to get the party started. The reception took place outdoors which was beautiful and in what felt like the blink of an eye speeches were done, the polyensian fire dancers had performed, we'd cut the cake, thrown the bouquet and tossed the garder - and it was time for Mr and Mrs Wyatt to depart. It had been the best day of our lives!!!!!

The honeymoon followed two days later and on Thursday we were whisked away by helicopter to our couples only resort for a blissful 4 days. At likuliku we ate, snorkelled, scuba dived and spent time as newly weds. It was a beautiful and relaxing way to start married life! But, before we knew it, the holiday was over and we were back at Sydney Airport.

We've now been married almost 3 months, which is mental! Time has just flown.

Its hard to pinpoint highlights in the year that you got married, but heres a few that have occurred since we last spoke:

Thomas John Wyatt
Beautiful Thomas John was born and has become Jarratt and I's godson in November. We feel so special to have such a wonderful little nephew/godson. He is amazing!

Bec and I had the night of our lives when we went to the SFS for a saints vs bulldogs game and were fortunate to meet the ENTIRE team and get photographic evidence!!!! I may, or may not have lost my mind and nearly my finacee!

School stuff
I became permanently employed and had many career successes including my debating team winning the finals, the dancing troup kicking butt at the East Hills festival and Stage 3 camp. It was possibly the most rewarding and exhausting year I've had teaching yet! And next year, I get to do it all over again.

Daniel and Maite visit
Our lovely overseas/interstate friends came to visit in December and we were overwhelmed by laughter for four whole days. We did lots and saw lots including the sea bridge, stanwell tops and the three sisters. It was mental!!! We can't wait to see them again soon!

And thats it... 2011 in a nutshell, before you know it, it will be 2012.
I hope next year I'm better at sharing it all with you.
Til then, xoxox

The Guests

The Bride and Groom

The Bridal Party

Helicopter ride to LikuLiku for our Honeymoon

Overwater Bure 8: Our accomodation

Busting a move at the engagement party

Thomas John and Uncle Jarratt

The mentals at Katoomba

The three sisters.... and MRS WYATT :)