Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Our Canterbury Tale

Since our last blog we have been busy little bees... We've attended the Australia vs Nigeria (friendly) soccer match... yes! Soccer, NOT football, despite everyone trying to correct us. It was an awesome day, Australia won 1-0. On our way to the game we were swamped with leftlets advertising the (then) upcoming election. I think our favourite would have to be the gentleman dressed in a white t-shirt outside Putney Tube chanting "Kevin, for 0-7!" We also met up with Benny Dirks for drinks after the game, who was sporting a beautiful merv-style mo in the spirit of mo-vember! All in all it was an awesome experience.

Between drinks we have been working hard for the money, and have managed to dip down to Kent for a weekend away. We visited Canterbury and Whitstable. In Canterbury we saw the AMAZING Canterbury Cathedral, home to the famed Thomas Beckett's martyrdom. Its such a beautiful place and Jarratt considered it the highlight of the weekend. Whereas Bec, whilst impressed with the Canterbury Cathedral, was just as moved by the animated showing of Geoffery Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. She even went as far to buy (in addition to the magnet) an abridged version of the famous Tales. We even did a quick spin around the St Augustines Abbey before the cold weather got the better of us. We headed in for an early drink and dinner via Kings College and the Norman Staircase. After a refreshing local ale we went on a ghost tour of Canterbury. Amusing at first, however after an hour and a half the penguin of a guide was getting on both our nerves.

The next morning we raced around for MORE photos (in better weather) and headed out to Whitstable for their world renowned oysters, which we enjoyed. Jarratt was even brave enough to trial a local stout known as Oyster Beer, which arrived at the table looking like tar. Tasted quite refreshing, but took a fair bit of conviencing to first swallow it. Then it was home again, home again, jiggity-jig!

Canterbury Cathedral

Us at the Cathedral.

Bec on The Norman Staircase in Kings College.

Bec at the Canterbury Tales (Pa, would be so proud!)

Jarratt being the cultured scholar outside the hotel where Charles Dickens stayed during a tour of Kent.... just so happens that Jarratt is reading Oliver Twist at the moment. Coincidence?

Bec and the succulent oysters at Whitstable.

Our lunch... and Jarratts dirty looking Oyster Beer.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Our House.... in the middle of our street!

Hi there strangers, sorry it has been so long between entries. London life is just so hectic!!! Since returning from Poland we have: moved house, Jarratts changed jobs...twice, adopted a room mate, and drank ALOT!!!! All and all its been quite a busy time.

Our new house is FANTASTIC! Basically its 100 metres down the road from our old place, so we are still in Angel and moving wasnt THAT big of a deal. Its a two storey, victoria period terrace and it is Beau-ti-ful! We're so excited! We were worried about covering the whole place's rent on our own til the arrival of Blue and Bec, but have luckily found a friend of Bec's to move in for a month.

Jarratts also found a new job since returning from Poland. The past week he has been refitting HSBC branches and starting Monday he is back on a construction site. Bec is still teaching her little angels in Hackney. She had the brave job today, of nursing them while they had a injection against measles, which there is an outbreak of at the moment. She is still loving the whole teaching thing and is wondering why she never wanted the young ones to begin with. Its just like hanging out with Leilani and Tayla ALL DAY!

Tomorrow we're heading down to Fulham to watch Australia vs Nigeria in a soccer match (NOT football!!!); should be an awesome game, all the big names are in. Next weekend we are taking our first weekender trip, thinking of heading to Canterbury or Devon. Nothings booked yet though.

And now, finally for a tour of our new home...

Welcome... this is our entrance. That window is our bedroom window. The window below is the Kitchen/Dining room window.

Dining Room... Just out of shot to the right of this picture is our front window and entrance. The left side would lead into the Kitchen, ahead (as you can see) is the Living room.

Living Room... The doors in the middle lead out to our own garden and just out of shot to the left is the staircase to go upstairs. There is storage under the stairs that is used for a laundry area.

Kitchen.... pretty obvious, the front entrance is just left of this picture.

Bathroom...this is on like, the half floor, the stair case up to the bedrooms doubles back on itself and at the first landing is the bathroom.... does that make sense?

Our bedroom... One of two bedrooms on the upper floor. Across the road is a beautiful park... we're very lucky with the view.