Sunday, November 22, 2009

So overdue....

Well hello there stranger... Long time no read. Which is entirely Jarratt's fault may I add. :) After years of updating this blog (almost) entirely single-handed I decided I'd let J take the reins and do a few posts. How foolish I was. So I have finally caved and decided if I truly care about the blog and our avid followers I'd need to get back into it.

So here goes:

Its been almost.... oh my.... 3 months since we arrived home. Where does the time go? Its been an absolute whirlwind of activity, which I'm now going to rack my brain to remember. hehe.

We flew into Sydney and were warmly welcomed by all our family and friends, feeling great to be home. The first month was a wave of dinners, catch ups, drinks and general merriment. The next month was a little more stressful. Having no real idea what we were going to do now. You see, we had spent the last 3 months looking forward to getting home that now that we were.... we weren't quite sure what to do with ourselves. Perhaps we should of stayed in London longer? Was a question that passed through my mind, i'm sad to say, many a time. But, slowly and surely we started to get our ducks into line. J took up a position with his old boss, I infiltrated my way into two pretty amazing schools and we got our finances in order to decide if we are in fact ready to make a home together. Big decisions!

With Christenings, Weddings and Christmas just around the corner, life doesn't seem to be slowing down for us. But I guess thats the point, if you dont grab the bull by the horns - it will just pass you by.

Love you all. Bec

Hopefully, next time I write we'll be a bit more settled, with more to update you on.
Til then. Lots of love, Us.