Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sometimes the smallest things, take up the most room in your heart xxx

Welcome to another update in all things Bubba Wyatt. Since I last posted, life has gathered speed at a break neck rate! I can’t believe I’m already 26 weeks along in this pregnancy thing! Time is just flying by!!!

On the baby front everything is going swimmingly with little one, I've started to realise I can’t go at my pre-preggers pace anymore.  So, I have slowed right down since we last spoke, I fade a lot faster, don't seem to have as much energy and despite my attempts can’t sleep in. I think it’s my body preparing for the all nighters - lol. I have mixed nights, sometimes I can sleep straight through for 6ish hours, other nights I'm up and down all night. It’s really inconsistent. I've also started having really crazy vivid dreams - none of which I can remember right now, thanks to my blanking disease!

My emotions are also heightened, I've never been one to cry at commercials or anything like that, I consider myself a fairly upbeat person, but the other night watching castaway (yes the movie with tom hanks) had me crying uncontrollably - I felt ridiculous but couldn't stop. Its not all the time, and I don’t think I'm being irrational (although J may say otherwise, hehe) but things that I would normally be able to hold inside are bursting out of my eyelids now, its crazy!!!! I've been told its the hormones.... grrrr- I really dislike hormones, those little culprits are responsible for EVERYTHING! My headaches, my breakouts, my frenzy need to buy everything RIGHT NOW! But thankfully my festival of nesting is just about finished, the cot has been assembled, the nursery is beginning to take shape, we have purchased a pram/capsule combination thing and have booked in a date for the baby shower (8th July). 

But in more exciting news, we have also bought a new car - Max, which is FANTASTIC! Its a white Mitishibushi ASX and its got plenty of room for bub and bubs things (car seat, pram etc) and whilst I am DEVASTATED I have to sell Zeke, I knew it would need to happen eventually and it was only a matter of time. But his new owner is the sweetest Japanese man who I know will take good car of him. 

So its all stations to babyville - I feel super organised, just the way I like it and am happy to spend Sundays lying in bed with Jarratt, while he feels the little flutters beneath my skin. Its all very heartwarming. The baby's kicks have continued but have become less intense - I've read this is because it now has less space, but still makes me happy when I feel them, but also a little stressed if I dont at a particular time, when I normally would.

Recently, I’ve actually feel like I'm starting to look preggers, although the world may not have caught up yet. I had my first 'when are you due?' out at the shops the other day (only took 6 months!!!!!) but I still replied 'huh?' as its not a frequent thing I'm asked and the women freaked out and said, “you are pregnant right?” I was like, “oh yeah, due on August 23rd”. To which she gave the standard shocked reply 'but you're so little'. So I continue to field the disbelief and wide-eyed looks of those around me who are shocked that I’m so far along with such a little bump.

On the cuter side, I've found myself subconsciously rubbing my tummy now and then and smiling at the thought that in less than 3 and a half months we're going to have a child. A little person, so small and cute and lovable. You all know how much I love kids and I cant wait to have one of my very own. Jarratt makes jokes that I'm going to smother it. I know he's right, but I love it so much already and I can't even see it yet! 

I've also developed some pregnancy related conditions which are incredibly frustrating, one is dropsies - which I'm sure your all familiar with and the other is blanking. It’s terrible!!! I'll be talking and literally in the middle of the sentence I'll forget what I was talking about - which is not great when you're teaching pretty switched on 11 year olds 6 hours a day! So I've set about setting reminders, writting post its and just about any other helpful techniques I can use to ensure I dont forget everything!
We also had the 19 week ultrasound about 2 months ago, it was A-MA-ZING! It left me contemplating how much one of those machines would cost! I could seriously sit and watch little one ALLLL day! The lovely Lesley (the lady who did the exam) was very thorough, measured just about everything! The head, the hands, the leg bone, the spine, everything! Took about an hour and she kept saying how beautiful and perfect things were, which I'm sure she says to everyone but it was still nice to hear. Especially since J and I had not had the 12 week scan that checks for abnormalities (as it wouldn't make a difference to us) we weren't sure of any disabilities the child may have, but as far as its skeleton and sizing go everything was "perfect and beautiful". PHEW! But the best thing was we were able to see the heart beating!!!! That was crazy!?! It was hypnotic! The little thing beating so fast and strong, 148 bpm, which is about average. So beautiful.  The ultrasound was followed by our monthly midwife appointment where we got to discuss the results. She mentioned changing my due date as MOST of the baby's measurements made me more pregnant then they thought, so panicked I was like "Most? Which ones aren’t?" Thinking we're going to have some t-rex style armed kid, or one with a little head. She reassured me saying that it was ok, the baby just had little legs - J and I both laughed at that and then I turned to J and said "Well that would be YOUR fault (lol)" Being the giant that he is! Hahaha. A couple of nights afterwards the bubba was performing a floor routine of gymnastics in my stomach when I turned to him and said "This kid is so active, I wish sometimes it would give me a break and just sit still" and calmly he turned to me smiled and said "Well that would be YOUR fault!" But yeah, its been a roller coaster so far, but I always liked that ride at the show!

In reno news, over the Easter long weekend, we managed to get alot of our renos done and when I say 'we' I actually mean Jarratt, hahaha.  The kitchen is now fitted out with the glass splashback, kickboards and bulkheads. Just need to cornice the ceiling and its done! Jarratt and our friend Nathan also got moving on reflooring the unit, after waiting almost two months for some pretty stylish colonial oak flooring, it was finally in stock and laid on our floor. However due to a slight miscalculation we are around one box short of finishing the whole dining room. But luckily we were able to order and quickly pick up an additional few boxes and her presto it was done and it looks beautiful! However, I did slightly panic when I looked at the colour of our couch against the colour of the floor and threw my hands in the air and cried “we need a new couch it looks terrible!” But with a few smart accessories (rug and cushions) it’s all come together nicely. So strike the last preggers panic! :)

We've also started the long, daunting hunt for major items of furniture including a dining table and buffet. A few weeks ago we found a buffet we liked and it recently got delivered. The table however has been a little harder, at the moment we're using the outdoor wicker set Mum bought us for Christmas, and its working a treat, so for the time being that'll do!

Wow, what an update! My fingers are cramping up ;)
But its been a busy few months and I cant see it slowing down anytime soon.
Buckle up friends, its going to be an exciting ride.
Love Bec and Bump, xxx

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our Blissful Babymoon

Jarratt and I travelled to tropical north queensland for our babymoon. We had a great time relaxing, eating and wandering around the Daintree Rainforest. It was a blissful 4 days that words can not describe. So check out the video all about our wonderful trip! xxx