Monday, July 23, 2012

1 month to D-Day!!

Where does the time go? Crazy, crazy to think its exactly 1 month today til d-day (delivery day). Its all getting VERY real! But before I get into that I'll do my typical life stuff update :)

On the school front, we've just started Week 2 of Term 3, and I plan on working until end of Week 4, so only 14 days working left! Feels like ages, but I'm sure it will fly! I have a few responsibilities in the next few weeks, 2 debates (one as a coach, another to adjudicate), education week assemblies, then class stuff. I've managed to set myself a rather crazy challenge of having the kids script, rehearse, perform, film and edit their own drama films. All within 14 days.... oh my, what was I thinking?! Anyways... it is what it is. We'll see how we go!

At home, we've well and truly finished the renos, however the cornice in the kitchen still needs a lick of paint - but that's a result of J working most Saturdays and afternoons for himself now. Which is great - but means the little jobs at home are that much more difficult to get to. Plus he's caring for his heavily pregnant, lazy wife. There are a few minor aesthetic things to do for the baby's room - like the curtains that Mum has made. But the chair etc is in and it's pretty much ready for Bubba Wyatt arrival!

In preggers news alot has been happening - feels like its all things baby now! Since we last spoke, I was thrown a beautiful Baby Shower, which many of you attended. It was held at Masonic Club in Mortdale and luckily (despite some rain earlier in the week) the weather wasn't too bad. We were on the front balcony, which can be quite uncomfortable, but with some fancy decorations (Thanks Lin and Nic), it was transformed into a beautiful baby shower oasis. I had an absolute blast and was bowled over by how generous everyone was. Bubba Wyatt is clearly very loved and is going to be one spoilt child.

We've also been to the first of our two parenting classes run by St George Hospital in order to better prepare us for the arrival of bubba and to be parents. It was all on the stages of labour, pain relief and generally what to expect of birth. It was pretty relieving for both J and I as I'd done a fair bit of reading which we had discussed and made decisions about together, so when we were questions we were well informed and on the same page....This Saturday we have the second class which covers breastfeeding, bathing etc - Should be fun :)
In myself I've started to balloon - and not just in my belly. My feet are pretty much full of fluid by the end of the day that they look like pillows. I no longer fit in most of my shoes, I'm wearing J's thongs and have invested in a pair of HUGE shoes. I hope my feet dont stay like this! The waking up to pee over night has accelerated and I am lucky if I can get 2 straight hours before I need to get up again. But I guess its good prep for feedings etc.
Also, after much convincing (Kehlet!) I've finally sat down and started a list for what I'll need to take to hospital for labour and the stay in the maternity ward afterwards as I've been told from week 37 you can go anytime!!! But I've been looking pretty carefully at some of the scarier stuff on my list that I had been refusing to deal with - like large Granny style undies and maternity pads! (So sorry if that's an overshare). So in the next few weeks we'll make the final purchases and pack said bag. Jarratt also seems to be feeling the impeding doom as well as on Sunday morning he fitted the baby capsule in Max and put some vital materials in the boot in case I give birth in the car (LOL), like a big blanket, a few towels and a 2 litre bottle of water..... I seriously cant stop laughing about it! We literally live 10 minutes MAX from the hospital, but I guess you can never be too prepared.

So, thats all in my world.
Hows things with you all? I hope this post finds you happy and well. Lots of love, Bec and Bump. xxx