Monday, January 31, 2011

Singapore Sling

After making a quick decision to move our flight from night to morning on the 7th we arrived in Singapore at around 3pm - having happily scored Jarratt an extra 2 usable hours for his 30th birthday. After a revealing shower and change of clothes, but nothing too sexy, we strolled down to Raffles Ball and Billard room for a slightly overpriced Singapore Sling. Having leisurely downed the wonderful concoction we piled into a taxi and headed to Singapore's Night Safari. After a game of silly buggers in the souvenir shop we indulged in a dinner of duck and rice with a side of vegetables and men drumming in their speedos. Then it was all aboard the Night Safari Tram.... despite forgetting the tripod at our 4 star hotel, we managed to snap some pretty photos of both the lions, and tigers, and bears (oh my!) That night we fell into bed in agreement that Jarratts 30th had been a memorable one :)

Day 2 saw us roll down to the esplanade to check out the stunning performance centre and the iconic Singapore flyer. Afterwards we had an extended pit stop at Merlion park where we swallowed a lot of water. We then explored the MRT network and arrived at Orchard Road for a spot of shopping before an amazing lunch of soft shell crab, chicken fried rice and crispy dango. Ater lunch we began the hunt for the highly anticipated fish massage in Chinatown. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful - despite being offered a massage by many questionable ladies in doorways. Instead we wandered the markets and enjoyed the atmosphere filled with many goods and dragons in preparation for Chinese New Year. From there we spent a lazy hour frolicking in the pool and followed it up with a chili crab stylish, romantic dinner in Boat Quay. That night we had a tripod sponsored photo shoot on the top floor of our hotel. Beat by the heat, we fell happily into our air conditioner room - well prepared for our 73oam flight to Delhi!

Bec at Raffles front entrance.




A little arty with my new camera!

Attempt Number 7 without tripod turned out pretty good.

There's something in the water...

Bec + Purchases :)

Pool fun!

Love.... sweet.... love :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011


2 posts in 10 days..... come on! Thats impressive.... having been on hiatus for such a stretch I'm feeling the strain on the fingers - but a new years resolution is a new years resolution!

Since we last spoke J and I have been busy ringing in the new year with friends and watching Australia pretty much hand the ashes over to the English! Its been an interesting week and a bit.

It all started New Years Eve with a spectuatular celebration at Lin and Andy's house. We arrived early in the afternoon and after a quick introduction to Bubbi and an attempted cuddle with Anna (Viv and Dave), we headed to the roof for a dip in their amazing pool. We then spent the rest of the afternoon watching the sun set and decoding some pretty poor sky writing - R U OK? I was also deeply amused by Anna's storytelling on a stroll to the unit to check on a crispy potato bake! After dinner we said goodbyes to The Family Van Der Meer and knuckled down for some quality time before the 9 o'clock fireworks. We managed to swindle a pretty neat possie for both the nine and twelve o'clock fireworks before singing our throats dry, what an amazing start to 2011!!!!

On New Years Day we did a mad dash to Austimir to visit with Nathan and Nicole (soon to be) Woll.... hahaha - Nicole Woll, as well as Scott and Jen. The house was UNBELIEVABLE!!! - despite its nudist feel, Scott and I both promptly decided we were moving in. That was until I learnt about the bones, knife man and scary miners house, which Nath did have a more colourful name for! After our tour of the grounds and a quick hose of the garden, we spent the rest of the day having a lazy afternoon of beach, beers and Baywatch experiences ;) Memorable moments including a near drowning that was not 'for real', a surfboard attack and one incident that required a shout of "GET A ROOM!" The rest of the night was spent frolicking in the spa, feeding Nicole's mum too much alcohol and a noble man riding the travelator! The following day we headed back to Sydney after an amazing breakfast to high five Garcia as he turned the big THREE O!

The rest of the week has been spent at the Cricket where we have been less than impressed with Australians form. Highlights have been the new friends made, losing my mind over all the celebrity sightings (but no Warne!!!!), Jane McGraths high tea and being caught out on tv waving like a mug! :)

Tomorrow is Jarratts 30th (Happy Birthday Bubba, LOVE YOU!) and to celebrate we're off to India via Singapore. We've yet to pack, but I'm pretty sure we have more pills than clothes at this stage - so much so that I'm sure I will rattle all the way to the plane. But as long as its to the tune of Happy Birthday, I don't mind.

Till next time, xoxoxo

Just chillin'

Nicole "Miss Photogenic, bird claws and all" Woll

Nathan "I've come to clean zee spa" Woll giving the lawn a once over.

Sir Scott Noble Walters .... ridin' it ... ohhh yehhhhh!

Adrian, Gazza and Bill

Bec, (me mate) Glen and Carly.

"Those boys sure have had a lot of beers today!"

"They're lights, LIGHTS!"