Wednesday, February 13, 2008

last stop.... cockfosters

Where do I begin? A lot has happened since we spoke last, and I'll do my best to recall most of it.

Trying to make the most of a beautiful Saturday afternoon, J and I decided to head out and voyage up the London Eye. I was so anally organised as usually that I checked the forecast for sunset and booked us aboard the 3:45pm pod for us to watch the sunset over the Thames. When we arrived we skipped the purchasing queue with out internet booked tickets and headed over to the eye; only to be told to step out of the million person long queue to wait 10 minutes to rejoin for the 3:45pm pod time. Thats London for you! But after 40 odd minutes in line and missing most of the sunset we were aboard our bubble. The view was amazing, as you can see in the photos. We went up in the light and came down in the dark. It really was a magical experience! And sure enough it started to pour rain when we disembarked and we high-tailed it across the bridge into Westminster tube and headed home for the night.

A few weeks later my lovely cousins came to visit, Jack and Harry Hill. Gosh, how they've grown! While they were here we went to the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham and wandered around Westminster. Jack was less than impressed with much of the sights constantly claiming "I thought it would be bigger!" and poor lil' Hazza was just very concerned with finding a sausage roll. However, they were fantastic house guests who really need to learn how to say thank you ;)

Shortly after we parted ways with Harry, and temporarily Jack, we attended a little known festival here in London known as Australia Day. We started at Walkabout in Angel with Blue, Beccles, Corey, Lee, Ric and Michelle in tow. Where many a bucket and flag were purchased and the festive spirit was in full swing. I managed to have zinc spread across my face, a temporary tattoo of the Australian flag rubbed onto my arm and beer rings placed on my earrings. Needless to say I was looking pretty classy by the time we left the Walkie, however not as classy as young Jarratt with his bucket hat! We then moved onto the no sleeves fiasco in Southwark, where not much was remember by myself! But "apparently" songs were sung and clothes removed... none of which can be substantiated with evidence!!! It was after this evening and a messy Thursday at work drinks that Bec's "no drinking til my birthday" vow began. There are running bets on whether she will or will not achieve it! We'll see.....

We also celebrated our 3 year anniversary this month by grabbing one of those fantastic deals of theatre and dinner for 30 quid. We managed to get a pretty amazing 2 course dinner at an italian restaurant in Leister square and then attend the world's longest running musical. For those not so good at trivia that equates to Les Miserables! It was pretty amazing although Jarratt felt there was too much music and singing, which left me wondering what he had expected of a musical (?). It was an amazing night and something we want to do much more of... hence we've booked ourselves in to Moulin Rouge for Easter. I was quite surprised that Jarratt was so keen to see a singing/dancing production after seeing Les Mis, until I found out that much of the cast in Moulin Rouge is topless! It seems the jokes on me....
This weekend just gone we headed into the city to check out some of the Chinese New Year festivities. Bec managed to get a balloon and that all elusive photo of her and a panda! We also headed down into chinatown, where there were more people than China! We had some fortune cookies and Bec ate her favourite chinese breakfast special; a pork bun! But we spent most of the day 5 minutes late for everything, the parade, the fireworks... the last spring roll! Tired and a little disheartened we headed home for Nandos!!! hehehe

Saturday we're off to Morocco, which kicks off the first of our many trips planned (and paid for) already this year. But I'm sure you'll hear all about them as we rub it in post after post... ;) Til then, try not to fall asleep on a tube heading for cockfosters.... you know how frustrating that can be at 2am in the morning, right Jarratt?

Us on Westminster Bridge with the London Eye in the background.

Us on the Eye, with the Houses of Parliament in the background.

Jarratt in his bucket hat with Corey (left) and Lee (right)

Bec's beautiful beer ring jewellery

Bec (finally) gets a photo with a Panda!