Sunday, April 15, 2012

Baby Love

A little delayed in posting, but this is where bec and J were (hehe) on the 13th of March, 2012

Hi there campers,

The last 4 months have been pretty crazy! A lot has happened, but the most exciting is …. We’re pregnant and things are going along swimmingly. Having past through the first trimester with flying colours and managing to look pretty 'normal'. As I still fit most of my clothes and don't need to buy anything yet, which is great! I've been told it’s because my abdominal muscles are very strong - lol. This was flattering but fairly unbelievable! But apparently your abdominals are like puzzle pieces fused together and it takes a fair bit to push them apart. I am also the luckiest pregnant lady, not at all sick - just tired. But perhaps the most exciting development is I've started to feel the baby inside me, like flutters mostly but every now and then it will give me a HUGE whack! I laid on the bed on Sunday when the baby was going a little crazy and tried desperately for Jarratt to feel the kicks but to no avail. I've been told that in about 4 weeks he'll be able to feel it. Its pretty nice, even when it hurts, to know its in there doing its thing! I'm also waking up a lot overnight, either I'm too hot, need to pee or wake up in an uncomfortable position, I feel like a pregnant goldilocks (this beds too lumpy, this beds too hot)…but I know the whole sleeping thing will only get better ;)

I've also been to one midwife and ultrasound appointment. The midwife (Elizabeth) is super nice and made me feel really comfortable, until she found out Jarratt was a twin and gently mentioned that I needed to go for an earlier ultrasound as there was a chance of me having two babies..... eeck! Slightly panicked I informed her that I had no twins in my family and that I was sure it travelled down the mother’s side. She calmly replied that wasn’t the case and it best I book in as soon as possible. Also just to confirm my due date. She then asked me to hop up on the bed and popped a little megaphone looking thing on my belly and like magic we could hear the heart beat. It was A-MA-ZING! It sounded so fast and strong and I couldn’t control myself I just started to cry. I hadn’t been prepared for that. I thought we'd just be asked a bunch of questions and being in the public system wouldn’t hear or see the baby for at least another month. But here it was our little baby's heart beating away like Rolf Harris on his wobble board. It was incredible. It made it all very real considering I don’t really have a belly.

Over the next week I booked in for the 2 ultrasounds, one to confirm date and number of babies (oh my!) and the full morphology one (where they check its feet, hands, heart - the whole kit and kaboodle, but won't be until 2/4). The first ultrasound was booked for Tuesday (6/3), my birthday. I didn’t feel as overwhelmed by that one, I think because I was in so much pain, as you need to drink a litre of water and not pee and hour and a half before, and of course, these appointments always run late - so a litre of water sitting in my bladder for 2hours is not fun! Plus, I was prepared to see the little picture, as its pretty much seen in movies and tv shows so you know what to expect. The thing I did find amazing was seeing the ribs and spine, it was pretty cool - and Jarratt made me laugh as he sat there pretty much just counting things... one head, two arms, two legs, two feet, five toes... so yes, ladies and gents - just one baby, phew!!! Below is bubba Wyatt’s first happy snap, the first of MANY! Based on the ultrasound, it turned out I am a little more pregnant than we thought only another 6 days or so. I'm now due on the 23rd of August. So little one could be a virgo or a leo at this stage. Either way it’s a dragon baby and all the Asian parents at school are over the moon for me! hahaha.

Jarratt and I have settled on names we both like, we have top boy and top girl then two runner up names in case it comes out looking nothing like our top names. LOL. Unfortunately like Jarratts crazy commitment to not finding out the sex, he also wants to keep choice of names a secret. So sorry... that ones staying in the vault. I've made a few purchases for the little one already just nursery decorations and a neutral 7 piece set and coat. I'm trying to control myself but the stuff is so darn cute!!!!!

In other news, we have started renovations on the house. Jarratt has been an absolute trooper, since I am unable to handle too much of the painting fumes, he's been left to repaint the entire unit! So far he's done all but two walls - good job Jarratt! The painting was put on hold this week as we have been working on the kitchen. Thankfully, I was able to contribute to that renovation by way of packing and unpacking up the kitchen. On Friday (9/3) Jarratt had the day off and ripped the cupboards out and did the first fit for the electrics and had a plumber mate do the plumbing. On Saturday the cabinet guys came at 7am and fit in all the beautiful high gloss white cabinets, they left around 6pm that night. On Sunday Jarratt put in the rangehood, oven and powerpoints. So its been busy busy busy. Then I spent some time putting all the stuff back into the cupboards that has been dominating our spare room and longue room. Its amazing the space we've inherited, some clever design elements mean we've got about 3 cupboards empty, which is great considering the little person will probably need a WHOLE bunch of stuff and its nice to know we have some space for it to go. I've attached the photos of what it looks like as of today over the next few weeks we'll have a ceasar stone benchtop put in and a glass splash back. Over the following weeks we plan on putting down a floating floor, by Easter we should be ready to decorate with some new furniture and by May its time for a new car. 2012 is gonna be an expensive year!

Well I think thats it. Hope you've enjoyed the most recent installment.

Whats happening in your lives?
Love Bec, J and Bubba.

Bubba Wyatt, 15 weeks.

Belly @ Week 10

Belly @ Week 16

Kitchen Renos.