Friday, August 17, 2012

You'll always be my baby, xxx

Hi There!

Well, its the final week! How quickly has that come around? Although I am sure that Bubba Wyatt will be fashionably late. They have moved my date forward so much throughout the pregnancy that I dont think its possible to go early now, despite almost every pregnancy I've heard of recently having their little bub arrive early. I think I'm definitely going to buck the trend. hehehe. So its just the waiting game now.

I finished up work last Friday which was really surreal. I still dont feel like i'm on Maternity leave but I think thats because I get so many regular holidays throughout the year as a teacher. I dont think it'll feel real til it all kicks off. You may well laugh at that when you see the size of my tummy now as its enlarged a fair bit and does serve as a constant remind of Bubba Wyatt's impending arrival... and I'm sitting here saying it feels surreal. hahaha.

But I have had a hard time turning my school brain off, luckily the lovely girl who has taken over debating has kept me plugged in to the next debate. Which is great! I know I should be relaxing and putting my feet up but I think I'll go batty if I dont keep some sort of challenge going, for the interium anyways. The midwife sent me into a little bit of a tailspin at my last appointment when she asked what I planned to do after birth.... I honestly thought it was a trick question and answered 'I'm going to look after the baby' She smiled and said , yes but what are you going to do to keep yourself mentally challenged?.... you are going to go from being around people all the time and planning activities, as a teacher, then its just going to be you and the baby..... I completely understad why she raised this with me as postnatal depression can be quite a prevalent issue these days. But whilst she was trying to be reassuring, it just made me focus on it more and completely become analytical about the whole thing.... lol, which is so unlike me ;)

So for the last two days its played on my mind a bit and I've tried to come up with a project for myself to do in those times when I need a little 'mental stimulation'.... beautiful Keelyann has been the winner as she pointed out all those amazing photos we took during our three years of travel remain unedited, unorganised and in need of some real attention... so YAY! anxiety subsided!!! But if you have any project ideas for me, send them my way - I figure the more the merrier! At my last appointment the midwife also told me that she'll induce me if I havent had bub by 42 weeks, which is the 6th of September..... Gosh, that feels like AGESSS away! But what can you do!?

I have also been 3/5s engaged for the last 3 appointments, which doesnt mean much as your first bub can sit in your pelvis for weeks and not come out. Which is great for bub, as it means its not too big to come out the natural way (hehe) but bloody uncomfortable for me as having a 3kg watermelon sitting in your pelvis all day can make you waddle and in a fair bit of discomfort by dinner time.

Since I last emailed we've also attended the second of our two parenting classes... which was very full on with information. They jammed alot more into the second day which covered, breastfeeding, bathing and general parenting skills. We again proved to be interesting participants, particularly when Jarratt put our baby on the floor, under his chair and walked off to make himself a coffee - lol - the midwife was a little concerned when J just shrugged and said 'yeah, but its a doll' when she pointed out what he'd done. I also grabbed the emails of the ladies in the room who were not crazy to keep in touch with and about their little bundles; then perhaps even set up a mothers group in the future. Of the 6 we befriended, 2 have already had their babies, both going 10 days early.... which slightly freaked me out as I'd mentally prepared for going over not under. It inspired me to pack my bags so we're all ready to go. Thanks Viv, I took your advice and have invested in a more Bec friendly pair of undies, not the Granny panties that had been freaking me out. I feel really prepared and ready, and surprisingly calm about the whole upcoming process.... we'll see how that carries through once I'm in the swings of contractions lol.

Anyways, thats basically my life in a nutshell.
How are things in your world? I hope this update finds you well and that the next time we chat I'll be able to introduce you all to a little Wyatt. YAY!

Lots of love, Bec and bump!

PS - Thanks to Nath who took some of the photos below for us to document this final chapter before our lives are changed indefinitely for the better, xxx