Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mind the Gap

.... AND pay attention to which direction the train is heading. STEVE!

Well another eventful week has passed and BOY! do we have some tales to tell. Firstly shopping on a Saturday in Oxford Street is RI-DIC-U-LOUS! After already spending over an hour exploring top shop and an additionally 40 minutes in H&M, Bec managed to convince the VERY exhausted Jarratt to stroll down to Primark in the hunt for some ballet slippers. Much to her delight she found a very stunning pair for 4 pound and promptly lost her mind snapping up an additional three pairs in different colours. She then put Jarratt in a line that snaked around the entire second level of the department store for 45 minutes to buy them, while she hunted out some bargain towels and blankets. In the end Bec won some bargain shoes but nearly lost her boyfriend in the process.

Sunday saw the arrival of the lovely Mr and Mrs Wyatt, after a brief mix up in Liverpool Street vs Liverpool Road they arrived. Before heading to the pub for dinner, the Wyatts had two months of holiday snaps forced upon them. But they didnt seem to complain any. The following evenings saw many a restaurant visited, numerous bottles of wine drank and one pretty amazing musical watched. We also had a rather eventful evening with Vander, Deano's Auntie, while the Wyatts were in ol' London town. What a HOOT! All in all a lovely time was had by all and it was very sad to say goodbye late Thursday evening.

We're currently debating over holiday destinations for the October school holidays and Christmas - with the Baltics, Austria and Portugal all being hot faves. But with London a stones throw from most places, the world is really our oyster and we could end up anywhere! We'll let you know in the next entralling entry of Where are they now?

Love to you all, Us!!!

PS - Who should we expect as the next lot of visitors? hehe.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Have hit the motherland!!!

Hey there campers....

Well after an initial rough patch we have finally found our feet in London. The property market in London at the moment is extremely cut-throat and we were having a difficult time securing a place. And the catch 22 here is, you can't get a place without a job, or a job without a place - so it did make for a few headaches. Anyways we have ended up finding a very decent place in Angel; a trendy area in zone 1 that is quite like Paddington in Sydney. We have signed a short term lease of one month and are hoping to stick out a solid 3 months here til the lovely Bluey and Bec arrive. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

We also have both secured good paying jobs which are very close to our place in Angel. Jarratt is working on a construction site as a mechanical electrician, bit different to the work back home. Bec is working full time on a kinder class (well the equivalent age group of kinder to Australia) and is also finding the work a bit different to home. We are feeling incredibly over qualified for our jobs, but its easy money so who are we to complain.

We are also starting to plan our next few trips, we're thinking somewhere in scandinavia for Christmas, like Norwary, Sweden, Finland or so on. But will need to nut it out more in coming weeks. We also have to decide where we want to travel to during the half term break (October 20 - 29). Since it is such a long stretch of time we're thinking maybe Egypt... but its still early days. It is a tough life... hahaha.

The last few days have been a blast with Stevie B in town, next come Mr and Mrs Wyatt, then not too far behind them is the arrival of the Master Chief and Defacto. We are both very much looking forward to the visitors!

And last but not least we must say big thanks to Garcy for putting up with us as long as he did. As well as taking us out day dot and introducing us to all his mates who kept us awake with the encouraging catch phrase "just keep drinking". We do appreciate it.

Til next time, take care of yourself.... (hahaha).... and each other.